Cleaning the closet? Downsizing? Inherited treasure? Consider donating items of historical significance to LCHS.  We accept family tree information, clothing, tools, and other items, so they can be preserved and shared with future generations.  We can’t keep everything. But we are always interested in enriching the records and collections.

To donate items:

  1. Bring it to the museum or send photos with measurements
  2. Tell us about it – who owned it? What is the time period? Where was it used? How does it relate to Lafayette County? What is the value (if you want a donation receipt)?
  3. Sign the Donation Form and Release. Contact US


  1. We can only accept permanent donations (no returns)
  2. Items must be related to Lafayette County in some way (not just old)
  3. If we have duplicates we reserve the right to dispose of the lesser quality item in a manner benefiting the society (sale or donation to another organization)
  4. We may decline worthy items if we have no way to store, or display them


As a non-profit organization we stretch every dollar. We gratefully accept in-kind donations, for grass mowing at both properties, and landscaping help. Regular operating expenses include electricity, gas, water, phone, internet, computer software, supplies to protect the collections, cost to publish the newsletter, and routine building maintenance. The bigger expenses include re-roofing, spot tuck pointing of masonry exterior, historic preservation, furnace repair, etc.

Then there are SPECIAL PROJECTS like a caboose for the Darlington Depot! If you would like to donate to a specific purpose, project, or endowment fund you can indicate your preference in the “notes” section on the donation order form and we will honor your wishes.

The society is sustained by member dues, fundraisers, grant funding, and generous donations.  Any amount of help is sincerely appreciated. Think of us when considering charitable giving, updating your will, or using memorial funds.

We are a 501 (c) 3 organization.  We would be pleased to furnish a donation receipt for your records on request. Donations can be sent by postal service Contact US or accomplished online Donation