Workin’ on the Railroad, All the livelong day!

What’s going on at the Darlington Depot? Big plans to fulfill a years long dream: putting a real train car on the existing tracks beside the Depot. A few attempts have been made to accomplish this task over the years, but we believe we are “on the right track” now! We are working towards the purchase of a caboose, and preparing our tracks to show it off. The tracks are the original tracks on the west side of the Depot (the east side tracks were turned into the Cheese country Recreation Trail). They have been there for about 170 years and are on the solid stone railroad bed providing the perfect resting place. They needed to be uncovered from years of grass and soil collecting over them. We will add new gravel to keep them clean and grade around them for optimum drainage and landscaping.

When the caboose is in place the work of restoration, to a use-able space for the public, will begin. We are in consultation with Milwaukee Road Historical Association for correct paint colors and details. The car will be open to the public.

We have volunteer labor, and lots of “in-kind” contributions but will also need cash. Want to help? Donate here and add a note that your donation is for the train car.